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We’d like to introduce you to my vision and experience.

About Barbara Gatti


I am a results-driven marketing expert, breathwork practitioner, and consultor, currently part of a Startup Incubation Program at Demium, Barcelona.


My background in psychology and behavior analysis has been highly instrumental in helping clients recognize trends and opportunities, open new markets and expand their businesses, and my specialization in UX Design adds great value to my clients' digital products.


I believe in the collaborative work process and purposeful business mission. I built my company founded in purpose, meaning, and passion, and I would like to help you do the same.


I´m proud of having the support of amazingly knowledgeable and hard-working professionals that I´ve met on my journey, assembling custom teams for each project.

Why Conscious? Unlike traditional marketing, Conscious Marketing isn’t based only on creating fear or fighting the competition*, is about developing your own ethic strategy that works for your business and to your individual niche.

Conscious Marketing often involves finding a way to meet customers where they’re at, in their respective worlds, in ways that might not be directly aligned with how you’ve been thinking about your brand or product. What does the customer think about? What troubles them? 

Let´s create consciousness about your mission and values, let´s transmit that and let´s work your strategy with the same mindset.

*Conscious Marketing: How to Create an Awesome Business with a New Approach to Marketing, Carolyn Tate 

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